Great LSAT Prep Resource

Cambridge LSAT ( is in the process of categorizing the LSAT Logic Games, and offering specific game types for sale.  I’ve already been recommending this great LSAT resource to my private students, and I’m happy to give it a plug here.  If you’ve been doing any sort of LSAT prep, the odds are strong that you’ve found some sections harder than others, and some types of questions harder than others.  Most vendors of prep materials offer “whole test” packages, which either leaves you short of the materials you most need, or results in you spending a ton of money on stuff you don’t really need.  No longer necessary!!

Cambridge LSAT offers tests (licensed by the Law School Admissions Council) for download, so there’s no shipping cost or time; you can put them on your computer and print them out at your leisure.  Better than that, though – you can download individual sections.  If you’re fine on Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning, but having trouble with Logic Games, you can download a section of Logic Games (choose any section from any past exam, so you can be sure you aren’t getting one you already have) for just $1.75!  And it’s getting even better – if you’re having trouble with, say, Grouping Games, soon you’ll be able to download just a batch of Grouping Games.  Or Linear Games.  Or any other type.  This sort of specialization is already in place for Logical Reasoning, by the way – you can get just the question types you need to work on. – An outstanding, cost-effective, super-targeted approach to working on past exam questions.  Strongly recommended!


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